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The Past Presidents of District 5 Branches

2020 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Adam Rapp
Southern Ohio: Jazzminn Hembree
Indiana: Dawn Bullock
Central Ohio: Crystal Sims 
Kentucky: Tanya Croslin 

2019 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Kari Fiala
Southern Ohio: Erin Bartley 
Indiana: Bethany Carter
Central Ohio: Amanda Sparks
Kentucky: Jason Oakes

2018 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Matthew Haynes
Southern Ohio: Dr. Gary Keller 
Indiana: Beth Skiles
Central Ohio: Amanda Sparks
Kentucky: Joey Mills

2017 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Kim Walacavage 
Southern Ohio: Christopher Bauer

Indiana: Beth Skiles 
Central Ohio: Joann Petty
Kentucky: Brooke Cunningham

2016 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Jessica Haynes
Southern Ohio: Lindsay Zinser
Indiana: Beth Skiles
Central Ohio: Charlie Martin
Kentucky: Stan Lucas

2015 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Margaret McComb 
Southern Ohio: Carolyn Allen

Indiana: Nick Masterson
Central Ohio: Linda Unrue  
Kentucky: Verda Davis 

2014 Branch Presidents

Michigan: Kari Garman 
Southern Ohio:  Holly Stallkamp 
Indiana: Paul Pakyz 
Central Ohio: Linda Unrue 
Kentucky: Leslie Sherwood

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